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Ercogener & Magma Technology innovate for Supply Chain by offering a solution to track 100% of the transport at international level

Ercogener, the historic brand of the Groupe ZeKat Digital Cluster, has joined forces with Magma Technology to bring new visibility to logistics. Thanks to a connected object positioned in the containers, customers can follow 100% of the deliveries “step by step” on a global perimeter whatever the carrier or the means of transport used.

The combination of an EG-IoT tracker (Ercogener) and a platform (Magma Technology) that can communicate with all ERP-WMS on the market, transforms logistics containers. They become a key source of information to know in real time their situation and status anywhere in the world.

Ercogener & Magma Technology

As an example, and in the context of accelerating transcontinental flows, Ercogener and Magma Technology have enabled a client to trace 5,000 isotank containers transiting between Brazil – Australia – Thailand – the United States – and Northern Europe.

To withstand the rigors of global shipping, the trackers are equipped with extremely long-life batteries. They are certified for shock, vibration and extreme temperature and are of course waterproof. In addition, the EG-IoT trackers allow tracking in all the countries they pass through thanks to the combination of multiple connectivity and the integration of on-board intelligence. It optimises energy consumption while switching to the best available network LTE-M1, NB-IoT, 4G, 3G, 2G or even Sigfox or LoRa.

“Ercogener is a natural partner for Magma Technology; both companies are recognized in their field of expertise; the combination of our two solutions creates an industrial approach without equivalent on the market with a high-performance functional coverage and an ease of implementation” says Mourad el Bidaoui, CEO of Magma Technology.

The two companies have already established a solid track record of cooperation with several customer references. This value proposition allows companies with a fleet of containers to identify them, geolocate them in real time and optimise their use by analyzing all phases of their rotation cycle. It also provides a retailer that transports its products by truck with complete visibility of the flows to their shops as well as reverse logistics to minimise the ecological impact of empty truck returns.

“We are very pleased to be working with Magma Technology, as we know that this solution improves the efficiency of transport operations and enables shippers to boost their operational performance. In this way, we are contributing to the reduction of the carbon impact of logistics,” adds Ludovic de Nicolay, Managing Director of the Groupe ZeKat’s Digital Cluster.

The digitization of logistics provides the transparency needed to manage all operations remotely and anticipate unforeseen events. It is possible, for example, to anticipate production stoppages due to delays, to better organise reception tasks, or to easily measure the OTIF (On Time in Full). However, most manufacturers still do not have any container management tools, which leads to annual overinvestment of several million euros to meet logistical needs.

For more information, please contact us or meet our teams. Ercogener’s staff will be at the TLM exhibition, on 08 & 09 November 2022 at the Palais des Congrès et des Festivals in Cannes. The Magma Technology team will be present at the Supply Chain Event on 15 & 16 November at the Parc des Expositions Porte de Versailles.

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