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“Behind every digital application, there is a specific Ercogener field solution”. As an integral part of the ZeKat Group (made up of special high technology companies), Ercogener is a major player in communicating and intelligent systems solutions.

Since 1981 we have been at the forefront of continuous technological change: digital systems, networks, artificial intelligence, data analysis – in the world of connected objects. Our range of services has been considerably broadened by building on our experience and know-how. Starting with a simple modem, nowadays, we now offer standard, special or tailored high quality solutions to meet all of your technology requirements.

From the Internet of Things (IoT), the system of connecting physical objects to the Internet, to Machine to Machine (M2M), which is communication between machines without human intervention, Ercogener is positioned as a major specialist in advanced technology.

Acutely aware of the continuous change taking place in the world of technology, networks and connected objects, we innovate constantly and provide intelligent communication solutions that are increasingly innovative and embedded. We have formed close partnerships to maintain our leading role in cutting-edge technology with a view to meeting the most technically challenging requirements.

A start-up culture fuels our everyday operations, driven by the quest to develop the best products for our customers and specific advice for each requirement. Ercogener also attaches great importance to the “Made-in-France” principle and is proud of designing and manufacturing its products in France.


A CSR approach and continuous improvement to optimise our equipment and services 

Digital awareness has been the focal point of our activities since the connected world took off. In our future developments and in all of our processes, Ercogener intends to put sustainable development and ethics at the heart of the business. This requires incorporating eco-designed processes or responsible design as well as considering the responsible use of digital technology. This also involves making sure that personal rights and privacy are respected by implementing the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

In addition, our supply chain and choice of partners prioritises suppliers who are geographically close, French companies and partners who share the same CSR approach.

Ercogener has been assessed by the independent body Ecovadis and awarded a silver medal for operating above the standards of the industry. Ercogener is also currently undergoing ISO 14001 certification at out Bellevigne-les-Châteaux site.

As part of this quality and continuous improvement approach, Ercogener has certified all of our services to ISO 9001:2015 standards. We are familiar with US, Canadian and EU regulations and can certify to UL, CSA and CE standards respectively for those three regions.

This certification puts our Quality Management system into perspective. It shows that our staff have implemented all of the systems needed to be a reliable partner and have adopted an approach that aims for continuous improvement in customer satisfaction, taking into account operating reliability and cyber security constraints.

Finally, the CEO of the ZeKat Group of which Ercogener is a part, has signed a Good CSR Practice charter. He is committed as is all of our staff to:

  • Developing an approach that listens to our customers to provide defined and specific answers to their requirements, and then implementing the solution using our commitment, professionalism, know-how and responsiveness.
  • Ensuring that our suppliers meet quality standards and maintain with them an atmosphere of confidence based on mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Developing our skills based on our management and training policy.
  • Satisfying applicable requirements by knowledge of and compliance with standards and standard engineering practice.
  • Being competitive by controlling our costs.
  • Continuously improving the effectiveness of our quality management system and ensuring that the guidelines are understood by all members of staff.



Ercogener, stakeholder company in the ZeKat Group 

The ZeKat Group has 6 production sites in France and exports to 90 countries. With 60 patents and its investment of 17% in R&D, the Group has a policy of continuously looking to the future by staying at the leading edge of technology and expertise.

Its 200 members of staff, including 75 technicians, share the same values: team spirit, performance and commitment. This enables the Group to provide complete solutions that meet the stringent demands of industry. We wish to build relationships based on trust with our customers and to assist them throughout their projects.

Ercogener is also fully supported by the electronic and mechanical manufacturing capabilities of the Group. Our latest products, in particular those in the EG-IoT range, were jointly developed to incorporate industrial constraints into the design and to bring together expertise in various areas: mechanical (for the enclosure), electronics (SMD line, automation and procurement of components), radio communications (antennas and embedded software) and the entire management of the product life cycle (industrialisation, support, updates and recycling).

In addition, the majority of Ercogener products are produced in the Group’s facilities which means we can optimise production, plan in advance and maintain a high degree of responsiveness.

If we had to sum up the values of our Group in one sentence it would be: “We are a group of bold and committed people who prioritise performance with humility”.


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