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Product range for transmitting back field data


Sensors for remote monitoring of equipment or environments 

Ercogener combines a multitude of skills and technical disciplines into a single team. We have decided to adapt ourselves to the existing constraints of our customers rather than develop standard, packaged solutions.

Therefore, using our different product ranges, you can connect your temperature, pressure, humidity or vibration sensors and so on, irrespective of the measuring range, accuracy or desired frequency of measurement. Our products can also be matched to the number of sensors to be monitored and their environment.

There are several levels of support to help you transmit the data back to the monitoring interface :

  • Simple configuration of data gateways to communicate with the sensors.
  • Customisation of our hardware platforms to your field constraints, for instance to transmit data from existing sensors or sensors validated by your teams.

With good knowledge of professional and industrial objects, Ercogener can propose embedded solutions based on communicating systems :

  • Over short distances (Bluetooth, Wifi, 802.15.4, RFID, etc.)
  • Over long distances (2G/3G/4G and 5G, Sigfox, LoRa, LTE-M1, NB-IoT, satellite IoT etc.)
  • Over hardwired links (Ethernet, CAN-bus, RS 485 or 232, ANA, I2C, 1-WIRE, etc.).


Uses of our embedded solutions and communicating systems 

Ercogener has assisted numerous local governments and public bodies for several years to collect environmental monitoring data. We have also been extensively involved in monitoring river water levels in France for the Ministry of the Ecological Transition and the Regional Environmental, Planning and Housing Directorates (DREAL) (

Ercogener is also a major player in collecting meteorological data and works closely with Météo France and Météo Omnium or Météorage. Our communicating systems are used for instance in water treatment plants or telecom infrastructures.

Another regular use of our systems is for site security or security of installations. For instance, a fully packaged solution to detect opening of inspection covers for buried utility networks.

Detection of unauthorised opening is used to warn of cable thefts, falling or dropping of sensitive equipment, persons or property, by monitoring the verticality of structures.

More globally, use of our sensor data transmission solutions can be divided into two categories :

  • Mains powered devices used to transmit back data from complex systems – flow rates, pressure, operating warnings. These solutions often have remote antennas because they are buried and can send data back over Modbus; they have several analogue inputs and so forth.
  • Self-powered devices that can be easily installed in isolated locations. These products are mainly used in agricultural settings or in simple infrastructure such as manhole covers.


Ercogener telemetry devices 

GENPRO is a cellular industrial modem that can be configured locally and remotely. It operates on the 2G/3G/4G (LTE Cat. 4) networks. It can transmit serial data (RS232 or RS485) or the status of contacts using IP protocols ((TCP/UDP/FTP) or by SMS in a quick and simple way. Compatible embedded software enables a large number of applications to be covered: continuous data communications, incident alarms, remote meter reading etc.

EG-IOT is an industrial IoT (IIoT) system suited to harsh external environments. Waterproof and shock resistant, the system operates on all cellular networks, LPWAN or even with dual connectivity. It is easy to install and use due to its compact size, integral long-range antennas and long lasting self-contained power supply. Designed with native sensors (accelerometer, magnetometer and temperature sensor), you can connect additional sensors to it either over BLE or hardwired (I2C, 1-WIRE, RS 485, analogue, digital).


Advantages of our embedded solutions and communicating systems

Our telemetry systems can be used to connect a large number of sensors whatever their characteristics and communication protocol. Starting from our hardware and software platforms, we can respond to most field use cases in agricultural, urban, industrial or isolated environments. We are continually optimising communications, making analysis more reliable and reducing latency time for triggering local actions.

Finally, our multi-disciplinary teams have more than 40 years’ experience with these technologies and can assist our partners both initially to define the solution or during the service-life of the device to provide support.

More than 400 types of sensors have been connected to our devices by our customers, deployed on more than 200,000 devices.

Our customers highlight the durability and reliability of our devices as well as the quality of our technical support.