Nos produits sont conçus
et fabriqués en France

The range of products for remote control of field operations


Applications designed for control of automation or activating remote actions 

Our intelligent applications are designed to collect, process and re-transmit information and data to remote equipment. We can create local loops to trigger actions on site autonomously to improve responsiveness and simplify operation.

Our solutions also enable you to trigger remote actions automatically or manually via your supervisory platform, by SMS or via own supervisory gateway for controlling an installed base.

Actuation can be done by communication over a local bus, Modbus for example or by a dry contact (relay controlled or not).

Ercogener products follow market developments and are technically and technologically designed for you to be able to :

  • Actuate and supervise equipment remotely.
  • Send back data from sensors to remote servers.
  • Automate local actions and inform the remote supervisor.
  • Be warned about thresholds being exceeded.
  • Instrument and control actuators.

The overall objective is to give you the keys to act quickly, easily and autonomously.


Uses of our products intended for remote services 

Our remote services products can be used for various applications whatever your requirement or industry.

In the agricultural industry they are used to :

  • Start sprinkling depending on ground moisture content and the weather.
  • Control sprinkler heads depending on operating warning signals from the spray header or the pivot.

In an urban environment, our solutions are used to:

  • Control rolling advertising billboards.
  • Control messages displayed on information signs on motorways or junctions where there is a tailback.

In addition, some partners use our solutions to manage their renewable energy production facilities and others to control process automation or industrial machines.

Ercogener adapts its products to any type of industry, providing you with tailored solutions. For instance, our products are used for the following applications :

  • Remote monitoring of wastewater tank levels.
  • Monitoring of filling of cardboard recycling skips.
  • Monitoring of frost on crops (spraying depending on RH and T °C).
  • Transmitting water quality readings from the mains water system.
  • Monitoring floods and overflowing of dams.
  • Monitoring wastewater drainage pumps.
  • Remote reading of meteorological data.
  • Preventive maintenance alerts on industrial equipment (operating time function).
  • Remote reading of electricity and water meters.
  • Monitoring solar panel energy production.
  • Remote reading of gas pressure readings, alarm thresholds.
  • Monitoring of cellular operator antenna equipment.
  • Temperature monitoring: supermarket refrigerators, industrial kitchens.

We want to provide equipment that will improve your performance over the long term.


Advantages of our products intended for remote services 

With our EasePro and EaseIP embedded applications or using our EGM library, we provide you with a simple way to obtain and process all collected data used for controlling local or remote actions.

Actions can be triggered on :

  • A single or double change in state in logic inputs.
  • High or low thresholds on analogue inputs or remote data to control outputs.

There are a large number of pre-existing options with user defined parameters using a web or PC interface. To go further, you can also develop you own interface for defining parameters or computation algorithms and to analyse data.

Our products are industrial-class and are easily integrated into demanding and constrained environments. Our expertise and quality standards guarantee reliability and long-term service life. Some products were installed more than 20 years ago and are still working.


Our teams, our customers and their satisfaction 

Ercogener has all the in-house skills and specific technical disciplines required to integrate our I2C, RS232 or RS485 (Modbus) solutions into your operation and to control your machines remotely, as well as to manage radio communications using any protocol such as 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, LoRa, Sigfox, etc. Our staff continue to train and develop to stay at the cutting edge of new technology.

In this context we have signed :

  • A partnership with Orange and u-blox in 2018 to design industrial products based on the new IoT 5G technologies (LTE-M1 and NB-IoT).
  • A partnership with Kinéis in 2021 to work on satellite IoT.

In terms of customer satisfaction, our customers highlight the skills of our technical support which can assist them before and after the project. Ercogener also supports our customers to upgrade already deployed solutions: we work with Orange to assist their customers in the changeover from the PSTN to Ethernet or 4G/5G networks.

Calling on Ercogener for a connected solution means your technology project will keep functioning well into the future. More than 1000 customers are using our remote operation solutions every day in more than 10 different industries.