Nos produits sont conçus
et fabriqués en France

Support and Services


Our range of Ease™ applications allow easy configuration of our products. Our support services provide a wide range of help and assistance.

Training with our experts will allow rapid understanding of our different tools.

Do you prefer to configure our products yourself?

Our offer is adaptable to your requirements; we can provide several kinds of development kits as well as the corresponding training in order to provide you with the coding and programming skills for our products.

Our software libraries have been developed over many years and have been made available allowing a considerable reduction in overall development time.

Do you need assistance?

A specific telephone number dedicated to technical support is available.

Contact us and our team will help you to implement a custom solution.

Do you want us to take care of the complete package?

Our team of experts in charge of the customization of our products will do it for you. Our products will be ready to be integrated.

You cannot find a product corresponding to your need?

ercogener has established a robust development methodology in 5 phases in order to achieve your target.
We rely on our 35 years of experience and the availability of all our technological bricks (software and hardware) to develop your product:

  • IoT configured/adapted to your needs
  • IoT dedicated to your application

For IoT dedicated to your application, computer-based tools are deployed for a real-time follow-up on the progress of your project.