Nos produits sont conçus
et fabriqués en France

Judicious use and response – the focus of our technology solutions


Our value added and know-how are recognised by numerous customers in areas that include:

  • Geolocation.
  • Equipment Supervision.
  • Remote sensor data capture.
  • Alarm management.

We also offer training in the form of a development kit to make you independent for programming and using our tools.

The support of a number of industrial groups and the integration of mechatronics into our group means that we can assist our partners to implement large scale industrial deployments. We can then implement any certifications that are required such as CE, CSA, UL, FCC, PTCRB.

In addition, we can also support operator certifications. We can set up the logistics process: management of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive), management of battery replacements, refurbishment, product support, after-sales-service and so on. We go as far as deploying complete Maintenance in Operational Condition contracts.

We have now developed more than 50 different products in 3 distinct product ranges to meet various requirements such as geolocation, surveillance, telemetry and remote data recording. Our ability to create tailored products for our partners or customers is one of our strengths.


Geolocation for agriculture 

Our premier industry is agriculture where our systems are used mainly for geolocation applications, based on development of our precision application called RTK. It is used for precision spraying of crop protection products, guidance of agricultural machinery and work optimisation. The application provides absolute repeatability, high accuracy and fast network connection.


Logistics and Fleet Monitoring 

One of our other major vertical markets is logistics monitoring and monitoring fleets of vehicles. Based on an accurate GNNS (from 2 to 10 m), geolocation provides wider geographical cover. The system is useful for monitoring rotation frequencies or the use of certain equipment items, warning of theft or a vehicle leaving its allotted area, or monitoring and controlling work operations by co-workers.


Intelligent Regions 

Our third area of business is intelligent regions for quick and simple connection of a large number of sensors such as pressure, water level, intrusion systems and so forth. Many of our products are used in Smart City or Smart Regions applications. For instance, our systems are used to transmit water level readings throughout France, to monitor and control water treatment plants, to detect opening of utility cabinets in the street or manhole covers. We are also involved in site security to prevent intrusion or to check the verticality of tall structures.

We are proud of the commitment and performance of our staff which we wish to underline as much as possible: nothing is stronger than team spirit.