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Ercogener’s range of geolocation products


A geolocation solution for all industries

Our secure and high technology geolocation products enable you to answer your operational questions accurately :

  • Real time monitoring of valuable assets, vehicles, containers, site machinery.
  • Reducing fuel consumption.
  • Optimising journeys.
  • Warning of theft, leaving from the authorised zone or fraudulent use.
  • Training in ecological operation.
  • Radio control with centimetre accuracy.
  • Personnel safety.
  • etc.


The various categories of our range of geolocation systems 

We have 4 types of geolocation equipment.

  • Autonomous systems installed in equipment without a power supply such as containers, crates, site machinery and so forth.
    • Powered by a primary or rechargeable battery for self-contained operation of up to 10 years.
    • IP67 and IP69k waterproof rating.
    • Robust to IK09 standard.
    • With internal antennas.
  • Hidden systems attached to vehicles :
    • Plastic or metal enclosure.
    • External antennas.
    • Powered from the vehicle battery.
    • Interfaces: I/O, CAN, 1W, RS etc.
  • Removable equipment in vehicles:
    • Plastic enclosure.
    • Powered from the cigarette lighter.
    • Internal antennas.
    • No interface.
    • Quick to install.
  • Precision geolocation systems:
    • Control of spray heads.
    • Land surveyor tools.
    • 13% reduced overlap when working on the ground.
    • Improved working conditions.
    • Optimised agricultural use of phytosanitary substances.
    • Repeatability of vehicle routes.

Each category addresses a specific need so you can find the most suitable product for your project.


Ercogener geolocation equipment

GENLOC is a compact and industrial cellular geo-location system with an external power supply. Optional battery back-up is available. With extended connectivity, its embedded application provides a wide range of fleet management functions.
The user can locate a vehicle in real time over the 2G/3G/4G/5G networks. The CAN-bus input and output option also enables telematics functions to be used. Its embedded intelligence integrates network surveillance and storage of frames (GPS and I/O states) until cellular network cover is re-established and the frames stored in memory can be transmitted.

EG-IOT is an industrial geolocation system suited to harsh external environments. Waterproof and shock resistant, the system operates on all cellular networks, LPWAN or even with dual connectivity to improve coverage and autonomy.
It is easy to install and use due to its compact size, integral long-range antennas and long lasting self-contained power supply. Its unique, patented multi-network management means it can be operated in more than 150 countries. This approach therefore combines global and local communications.

GENPRO_NTRIP is a compact and industrial cellular geolocation system. With extended connectivity, it covers a wide range of applications due to its embedded software possibilities. The aim is to obtain centimetre level accuracy by connecting an embedded self-guidance system to the RS232 port, in tractors or construction machinery for instance. 


Uses of our geolocation products 

Ercogener can adapt our products to each of your specific needs in all industries and sectors :

  • Transport of passengers and goods, logistics.
  • Vehicle hire.
  • Urban cleanliness and drainage.
  • Monitoring and protection of persons.
  • Protection of goods, vehicles and prevention of theft.
  • Guidance of agricultural machinery.

Our products are designed for harsh external conditions. They are waterproof and shock resistant.

All Ercogener geolocation products are equipped with the latest GNSS systems using the GPS, GALILEO, GLONASS and BEIDOU constellations to ensure that the data is as accurate as possible. Triangulation, latitude and longitude are our core concern.

Our NTRIP [EaseNTRIP + GenPro] system provides real time connection to an RTK data service and sends correction frames to the geolocation equipment using the RTCM-104 protocol. Monitoring equipment compatible with the RTK RTCM-104 protocol and equipped with a serial RD232 port to receive correction data transmitted by the GenPro system.
For more details on the GenPro system, please refer to the section on Telemetry Equipment.

We have developed several kits for specific industries.

  • An autonomous geolocation developer’s kit to become familiar with the benefits of the system. The kit is ready to use with a service-life of 3 years.
  • A dedicated geolocation system for trailers to optimise utilisation rates and speed up rotations.
  • A dedicated solution for tracking containers internationally (arrival date, unusual events etc.). Coverage is global by combining several connectivity networks.
  • Finally, our Asset Tracking kits can be used to track high value-added goods remotely, using optimised logistics monitoring.

Geolocation systems are delivered to you directly, pre-configured and ready to use. Once installed, they connect to the network automatically: you only have to connect to the ESKIOT tracking platform ( with your email address. Our teams are available during the day to answer any questions or if you want to upgrade your geolocation system.



Advantages of our geolocation products 

The complete Ercogener geolocation range provides numerous benefits :

  • Increased productivity due to optimised flows, improved stock control and proactive maintenance.
  • Global or local geolocation.
  • Impeccable security with attempted theft alarms, movement detection, location and traceability.
  • Peace of mind in all circumstances due to real time monitoring and speed of response.
  • Information on the condition of goods such as temperature, humidity, opening of packages, impacts and so on.

Our customers recognise the high reliability of our products and our locally based support. 100,000 of our systems transmit nearly 150 million position reports every day from over one hundred countries.