Nos produits sont conçus
et fabriqués en France

Research and Development Services

With more than 35 years of experience in Machine to Machine (M2M) communication systems, the R&D team of ercogener brings you: innovation, robustness, reliability and sustainability in terms of products developed for professional and industrial applications.

The communicating products developed meet an increasing demand of the market. ercogener can help you in the growing sector of professional IoT market, with its knowledge in terms of:

  • Project management, from the specifications up to the mass production
  • Electronic development optimized for low consumption
  • Development of easily configurable embedded software
  • Development of metal/plastic casings/interfaces
  • Industrialization of communicating products
  • Hardware qualifications according to applicable Standards
  • Specific training on technological bricks allowing you to reduce your "time-to-market" and to focus on your business application
  • Interconnection of new equipment to new communication networks

If you cannot find a standard product corresponding to your needs, we can propose to you a special development or customisation of a product that will be dedicated to you.

Our team is very mindful of the quality of development in order to take into account the constraints of operating security and cyber security that are becoming more and more important with the "all connected" effervescence.

Our added value and our industrial know-how are recognized by many customers in various applications such as:

  • Geolocation
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Remote reading of sensors
  • Alert management...