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Our network systems


Ercogener Solutions 

For many years we have been assisting our customers to set up and commission their equipment. Many of them seek our advice on how to select the most suitable connectivity solution for their requirements and products. As part of our total support approach, we have assisted them in their decision-making processes to ensure safe and secure transmission of data to remote servers.

Ercogener now provides turnkey services that supplies connected devices ready to use as soon as they are installed. We now assist our partners to implement solutions from A to Z.

In-house, several of our experts work in close collaboration with the connectivity operators and suppliers. Their principal function is to ensure optimum functionality of our products and services operated in various countries. Before any purchase decisions are made concerning connectivity of an installed base of connected objects, it is very important to define the usage profile beforehand and the most suitable communications network for the requirement.

We work regularly with the conventional 2G/3G/4G cellular networks, on the 5G IoT (LTE-M1, NB-IoT) cellular networks, on the LPWAN (LoRa, Sigfox) networks and on the new satellite IoT networks. We have filed a patent on the management of multiple connectivity on a self-powered device and we continue to push this combination of several networks to improve Quality of Service and coverage while reducing energy consumption.

Another group subsidiary, Lucio, has also developed a set of advanced libraries that enables global roaming for IoT applications that cross borders and serve international customers. These libraries can :

  • Control worldwide roaming of LPWAN objects and switch between private and public networks (interoperability).
  • Increase Quality of Service (QoS) while benefitting from the leading edge of cybersecurity technology.
  • Reduce current draw on the battery
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

We continue to work closely with the operators with our partnership with Orange and u-blox signed in 2019 for deployment of the LTE-M1 network in France.

In addition to long distance communications, we have worked on local communications technologies. The aim is to create local networks to link remote sensors to a central gateway. We can connect up to 300 BLE sensors to an LTE-M1 gateway to collect temperature data or perform a stock check in a warehouse.


The benefits of our solutions 

Ercogener’s data transmission solutions provide you with the following benefits:

  • Time saving: we handle the entire process of installing and commissioning your connected solution.
  • Cost control: we guarantee the lowest costs on the market with negotiated contracts based on reliable and long-standing partnerships.
  • Expert support: we offer dedicated services to ensure your project goes smoothly.

By obtaining your connectivity solutions from Ercogener, you will ensure they operate correctly and can control all deployment issues by having a single point of contact to deal with them.


Our teams, our customers and their satisfaction 

Our experience has led us to becoming experts in twenty communications protocols and to fully understand the methods for making them work reliably on operator or private networks. Our teams are able to advise and train you in each of these systems, for perfect understanding and use.

For each use case our team will guide you to a suitable network solution. Some customers, after trying other approaches, have come back to us while stressing “our ability to provide packaged and validated solutions with highly available technical support”. This also enables them to save a lot of time by having a single point of contact.