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Remote Control


ercogener products have followed the market evolution and have technically been adapted for different uses such as:

  • Remote supervision of equipment
  • Transmission of sensors information to remote servers
  • Automation of local actions and transmission to remote supervisor
  • Alert upon threshold detection
  • Control of actuators

Our products are used in the following applications:

  • Remote reading of wastewater tank levels
  • Monitoring of cardboard container filling
  • Monitoring of crop frost (irrigation depending on RH, T°C)
  • Collection of measures about the water quality of the drinking water network
  • Monitoring of flooding and dams overflow
  • Monitoring of wastewater pump systems
  • Remote reading of meteorological data
  • Alert for preventive maintenance of industrial equipment (Hour meter)
  • Remote reading of utility meters (electricity, water, gas...)
  • Monitoring of solar panel energy production
  • Remote reading of gas pressure, threshold alert
  • Monitoring of operators antennas equipment
  • Monitoring of temperature: food fridges in supermarkets, industrial kitchens
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