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Managing an installed base


Our solutions for managing an installed base of devices

To manage your installed base of Ercogener connected objects, we have developed an object management platform. With more than 1 million devices in the field, we have extensive experience in managing the service-life of our equipment.

Access to our Eskiot platform is an option which enables data collected from field devices to be collected, stored and transferred in a standard format.

Its aims are:

  • Simplify management of Ercogener intelligent devices.
  • Over the air updating.
  • Battery state of charge monitoring.
  • Sending of alerts by email or SMS on abnormal use.
  • Easy management of subscriptions (cellular, Sigfox or LoRa).

We also use partner solutions for displaying data in a control panel format. These partners are often focused on particular vertical markets (optimisation of logistics flows between factories, equipment hire, controlling theft of cigarette cartons, etc.) while the Eskiot platform is dedicated to monitoring and managing your Ercogener objects. In some ways it is a digital twin for your product.

This management of the installed base means you do not have to deal with future developments in our products and you receive standardised data in well-known web formats (REST, JSON, MQTT, MQTT(s), http, http(s), GET, POST) via APIs or call-backs.

This standardisation also applies to over the air configuration and updates. With simplified web interfaces or connections to your own platforms, you can update a diverse installed base easily, quickly and securely.


The advantages of our supervisory platform 

Our secure platforms and interfaces are specially designed to provide intelligent and global monitoring of your data. Our web, API and call-back systems are unique and tailored.

The Eskiot platform is a web platform which you can easily connect to with your email address ( You can then monitor all your devices via the platform. Ercogener’s teams are available during the day to answer any questions or if you want to upgrade your solution.

The platform, dedicated to managing communicating systems, provides optimum matching between objects and data sent in from the field. You can also display your geolocation devices on a map or pull up a graphical data display on your telemetry devices. In addition, you also have access to a remote-control interface to send remote commands.


Optimised management of your data 

The complexity of applications can be very variable depending on the functions provided by the object. The more complex the logical processing to be applied to the data, the more complex the application.

This means your data can be managed at several levels and intelligence can be distributed between the different building blocks of the global solution. Ercogener will support you to distribute data analysis and data management to the point where it is needed. Today, Edge Computing addresses this problem by storing and processing data near the sensors. This enables connectivity costs to be reduced.

Finally, we can store your data securely and make it available to you in a standard format with our supervisory platform for your installed base of devices.

Optimisation is at the centre of our solutions. Whichever product we install, we always combine performance and simplicity to provide you with independent operation. With our leading-edge technology, you can optimise your data management so that only useful data is sent to the remote server.

Whichever Ercogener solution is used, the benefits are the same:

  • Ubiquity: be in several places at the same time. Your devices enable you to be informed remotely of the condition of your equipment.
  • Security: Intrusions? Load drop? Attempted break-in? Be informed in real time.
  • Self-learning: With its on-board intelligence, the product calibrates itself automatically to determine its reference position.

This all means that using Ercogener to manage an installed base ensures faultless security and upgradability for your operations.

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