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Sucess Story ercogener x GMP (General Port Handling)

Deployment Objective

Analysis of the time of use of professional vehicles


Located at the river mouth of the Seine, the port of Le Havre is one of the only deep-water ports in North Europe where the largest container ships can be handled without any tidal restrictions. This advantageous geographical position allows shipowners to arrive at Le Havre at full load and leave Europe by optimising their cargo.

Innovative Dimension

In order to optimize the use and location of trailers (chassis - aases) used to handle containers from the port terminal to the various logistics sites, GMP has connected all its vehicles to obtain a detailed mapping of their use.

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Return On Investment

Improved daily chassis handling performance.

GMP, Port Handling Operator

We have deployed our solution to GMP. Ideally located at the entrance to the English Channel, GMP, a port handling operator specialising in container management, has benefited from this asset since the 1970s. This activity uses cutting-out computer applications but also unrivalled expertise and a skilled workforce.

Devices deployed

ercogener deployed 200 devices for GMP company.


For 37 years, ercogener has been designing and marketing 100% French communicating objects with intelligence for the provision of useful data according to two criteria: safety and precision.

And a big thank you to Cyril Hauchecorne, IT manager of GMP, from the whole team


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