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The health crisis that is currently affecting all the world has placed at the center the concept of Resilience, which is the ability to overcome rapidly from external shocks and disruptions. French President has launched a military operation named Resilience[1]. This operation will focus on the help and assistance to civilian populations as well as on supporting public services to face the Covid-19 epidemic, in health, logistic and protection fields. At the same time all companies have discovered that they had an Activity Continuation Plan and are trying to optimize their organization despite new constraints that threaten their processes.

Telecommunication sector, in which ercogener works for nearly 40 years, faces those difficulties of maintaining infrastructures notwithstanding external risks from a long time. How to keep fixed communication lines despite storms and falling of trees on the network? Until which extend do we have to deploy redundant systems to prevent material issues? Which network architecture is the most resilient? How to partition systems to avoid any virus transmission but in the meantime keeping a high flexibility? How to program self-healing software?

It is one of the reasons behind the promotion of 0G technology by Ludovic Le MoanSigfox co-founder[2]. He has said that this 0G technology is « designed to be resilient, very low-power and to be deployed all around the world without differentiation ». This solution is appropriate to track assets and logistic flows but also to support isolated people. ercogener is proud to be part of this ecosystem since 5 years through the development of end-to-end solutions and products dedicated to the optimization of logistic processes (containers or trailers tracking) or to smart metering in the energy sector. The company aims to pursue those deployments based on a communication network developed by a French company that promote A European sovereignty over data.

ercogener is working for nearly 40 years within MtoM and IoT market. Our customers face another difficulty in the deployment of systems that will be able to operate during more than 10 years despite quick evolutions of telecommunication networks. As a company, we have always enshrined in our values the ongoing commitment to work with our customers on the durability of our products. We also work closely with our partners to advise them on the management of the different telecommunication evolutions. Some of ercogener’s products are still working more than 20 years after their installation on-field and some customers are 30 years old partners.

This commitment is even more pertinent today when uncertainties are greater, and economic investments suffer stronger pressure. That’s why we are pleased to announce you 2 main news to continue our effort toward a better resilience of our customer’s installation:

  • Launching of a continuity solution to compensate the interruption of CSD data. Circuit Switched Data (CSD) is an old communication technology used by the 2G networks. Majority of operators will close or have already closed the CSD capabilities of their infrastructures and will only offer mobile data communications using IP format. For example, in France, from 1st of January 2021, CSD connections are no longer guaranteed by national operator Orange[3]ercogener solution, EaseIP CSD, allows to maintain the same or nearly the same communication infrastructure and existing environment (industrial equipment, server). This solution creates, maintains, monitors an IP connection between 2 IP-based devices and emulates a CSD Data environment within the modem.
  • The continuation of an historical ercogener product: the GenIndus. This product is made for communications on PSTN and LS (Specialized Line) networks according to the V21 to V34 (Full and Half Duplex) reviews. Those technologies will disappear but there are still numerous key equipment using those networks to send data collected through RS 232 or RS 485 field bus. Used for more than 20 years they ensure communication for critical installations, as for the monitoring of rivers levels and flood prevention in France through Vigicrues service delivered by the French Ministry of Ecologic and Inclusive Transition.

 ercogener’s values include long-term accompaniment and commitment to its partners. We are proud, in this specific timeframe, to participate to the resilience of telecommunication networks. Please feel free to contact us to study together how to minimize the impact of the upcoming economic crisis by extending the lifetime of reliable systems or by adding new tracking functionalities to existing process shaken by the COVID-19 pandemic.






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