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NEW : MODEMS 4G  GenPro 425e 
GenPro 425e is an industrial cellular modem operating on 2G / 3G / 4G networks. It transmits data series (RS232 / RS485) or contact status following IP Standard protocols (TCP / UDP / FTP / SMTP) or by SMS in a quick and simple way. Thanks to its comprehensive on-board software offering, it covers a large number of business applications: reading meters, RTK gateway, temperature measures and alerts, etc. (more info below)

*only available on easeIP on-board application
GenPro 425e
✓ Compact and robust industrial modem
 Embedded intelligent software Applications of your choice on demand (EasePro, EaseIP, EaseNRIP)
✓ Alarm transmission based on specific events
✓ Data recorder
✓ Remote configuration by sms
✓ Configuration software (EasePro)
 Broadband and extended coverage by addressing several networks
 Compatibility with GenPro 325e and GenPro 25e ranges
 Accessories available on demand
Download the datasheet
USE CASE # 1 - Remote meter reading
Our GenPro + EaseIP (IP battery) is the perfect combinaison for your meter remote reading use cases. Thanks to its embedded software, the modem allows a permanent connection between two machines, wired with RS232 or RS485*. EaseIP also allows to access remote sites from a TCP station.
* Only available on easeIP on-board application

This is an ideal solution for energy efficiency applications in building and sectors.
USE CASE # 2 - Centimeter accuracy (RTK)  
Our GenPro + EaseNTRIP combination ensures real-time connection to a RTK data service and transmits correction frames to the geolocation equipment, via its RS232 series link. The correction frameworks respects the RTCM-104 (NTRIP) protocol. This correction allows a positioning with an accuracy of a few centimetres.  

It's a perfect solution for applications like connected precision farming, topographical surveys, and public works.
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Why switch to 4G ?
 Better broadband with 4G 
 A much shorter data latency period, i.e. the time elapsed between sending information and receiving it.
  Better coverage
Adapt your modem to your environment
To go further in the use of our modems, we also offer training to develop your own application based on ou EGM (ErcoGenerMiddleware) environment.
Several kits to customize your embedded software are available, for example:
  • Remote reading
  • Preventative maintenance of your equipment
  • Configuration of your alerts
  • Construction and reception of an activity report adapted to your specifications
Form to receive information about the development kit
IoT solutions designer
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